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Wow, excellent service and product! Just received. Many thanks, will be buying from your website again in the future : )
Yewy Tan


The White Gold is wonderful stuff. Have just recently bought a 3.25 [litre] pail from your shop. I concoct my own skin care from it as well. lovely for face and body. Cheers!
Elly van Veen

Lower Hutt

I have two beautiful pointers – Betty and Arthur; both have skin problems and accordingly I avoid yeast, flour and beef. Betty loves her coconut oil massages and thankfully has no dry spots any longer – Arthur is a new arrival and will need some work, his skin is pink and seemingly very sensitive I feed them both coconut oil in their food and I just tried rubbing coconut oil onto Arthur’s belly and under his legs it really does seem to calm the itching and he LOVES the taste.
Ruth Sullivan

I am pregnant and I have gone through a whole jar since January! I’m finding it works really well for my skin and is the only thing I moisturize my body with. I am also recommending my favorite coconut oil to everyone who asks what I use. We all use the oil for different things but everyone is always so pleased with it!

Thank you again.

Kacey Cummane

Avondale, Auckland

Hi, wanted to let you know my ancient wisdom oil arrived today after only ordering yesterday – and we’re rural!

And LOVE the smell (very mild) and the taste (mild and delicious). Also loved the fact that postage was included in the price – no surprises at checkout! I give it to the whole family so will be back for more at some stage.

Many thanks.

Pip and Gary Labao

Matamata-Piako District

I had heard all about the health benefits of coconut oil and wanted to give it a try, there are quite a few companies and what made me trust in the Coconut Oil Shop was I liked that you were just your average kiwi family who have seen a gap in the market and want to supply bulk amounts of a good product to other every day kiwis for a reasonable price.
Amy Saleman


Your site must attract some who buy on price value, without realising the true value of your high quality coconut oils.

However I have no doubt that you also have MANY (like me and my husband) that are like-minded seekers of the truth, which of course includes seeking out good quality foods that nourish our bodies – instead of causing dis-ease, as the intake of processed/synthetic foods […can] do.

Thanks for being there for us. You have my permission to publish my accolade (so well deserved) if you wish. I wish more food suppliers had the wisdom to only provide foods of integrity.

Blessings, Marie.

Dirk and Marie Nicasi

New Plymouth

My husband and I have been taking Coconut oil for over a month now. Three years ago my husband had a stroke and I read coconut oil is good for the brain and as his memory is not what is was, I thought this may help.

I also have arthritis in my knees and I must say I have felt the benefit of the coconut oil as my knees are not as sore and stiff as they were and I have even been able to go for walk again.

I am sure there has been an improvement in my husband also and I have recommended coconut oil to many people.

Annette Quinn


Just wanted to say thanks for such great products and service. Your overnight delivery is much appreciated and the oils are delicious.

Hardest part is deciding which to buy!

Thanks again.

Jenny Kent


One of my cats is completely obsessed with coconut oil. I had a small pot by my bed to use in my hair and it kept disappearing ….. Yes, the closet coconut oil addict had been at work!

I now have a pot just for her by her food dish and she treats it a bit like a horse does a salt lick – ‘snacking’ multiple times a day.
She has the most amazing thick, glossy black coat you’ve ever seen.

Jen Herd

Owner of Coco the Coconut Oil Eating Cat! Wellington District

Hi just want to say THANKS! I’m stunned! I ordered fermented and white gold coconut oil at around 3pm yesterday and it arrived in Tauranga rural delivery at 8 am today!

Wow that’s service! And the product looks great too!